Philadelphia 76ers Uncertain Offseason

Philadelphia 76ers offseason bets

Philadelphia 76ers offseason bets

As the dust of defeat settles in Philadelphia, the 76ers face an uncertain and potentially transformative offseason after exiting the NBA playoffs in the second-round. This season marks another chapter in their disappointing five-of-six year trend of reaching the playoffs only to be knocked out in the second round. It’s a trend that has raised questions about the effectiveness of their strategy, also known as “The Process,” and raised some speculation about the need for an organization revamp. Adding to the drama, the futures of this team’s prominent figures, like Doc Rivers, James Harden, Joel Embiid, and Tobias Harris, are hanging in the balance. A well known sports betting website, BetOnline, has offered special odds which provide some fascinating insights into the 76ers possible offseason outcomes. We’ll take a deeper dive into some of these betting odds below.

Top of the speculation seems to be whether the 76ers will cut ties with their coach, Doc Rivers. Despite his expressed interest to return for another season and his impressive record of improving the teams win ratio over the past three seasons, the recent playoff disappointment has stirred some doubts. BetOnline odds currently suggest a 76% implied probability that Rivers will get fired.

Will Doc Rivers be Fired by the Philadelphia 76ers?
Yes (-400) ~76%
No (+250)

Doc Rivers’ team failed to close out the Boston Celtics in games six and seven. Both of those were opportunities to lead the franchise to its first Conference Finals since 2001. This continues a bothersome trend for the coach in the seasons biggest games. Even when you account for his 2008 championship run with the Celtics, Rivers is now 4-12 ATS in Game 7’s (6-10 SU) as head coach, and 17-32 ATS (17-32 SU) in games where his teams have a chance to close out their opponent.

The future of star player James Harden with this Sixers is also in question. The guard, who led the league in assists and played a crucial role in Embiid’s MVP win, has yet to deliberate on his offseason decision-making. Following his lackluster performance in the series, Harden has a 64% implied chance of playing for a different team next season according to BetOnline. He could either opt into his $35.6 million player option for next season or become an unrestricted free agent.

Will James Harden be on the Sixers next season?
No (-200) ~64%
Yes (+150)

Like his coach Doc Rivers, James Harden is no stranger to coming up short in the year’s most pivotal contests. James Harden is now 1-9 in his last 10 elimination games. In those games Harden has averaged 21.5 PPG, shooting only 39% from the field in those contests.

Joel Embiid is also a topic of conversation, although the odds of him being traded seem much less likely. The center, despite the team’s playoff loss, expressed praise for Rivers and his team. Betting odds reflect a 93% implied probability that Embiid will remain with the 76ers next season.

Will Joel Embiid be Traded by Philadelphia 76ers?
No (-2000) ~93%
Yes (+1500)

According to ESPN Stats & Info, Joel Embiid’s drop off in scoring – from 33.1 PPG in the regular season to 23.7 PPG in the playoffs – is the largest drop-off by the year’s MVP in NBA history.

Finally, the odds of Tobias Harris being traded are much more balanced. Harris, an integral part of the team for the previous five seasons, has a 57% implied chance of not being traded. This shows that his future with the 76ers remains more open-ended.

Will Tobias Harris be traded by the Philadelphia 76ers?
No (-200) ~64%
Yes (+150)

These odds reflect the swirling uncertainties surrounding the Philadelphia 76ers in the wake of their playoff exit. The team’s performance has always been under scrutiny, but the focus now intensifies on the individuals. The offseason will reveal whether these betting predictions hold true.

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